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Time To Run Pain Free

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The PainFreeRunning Approach

Our step-by-step programs and injury guide are designed by sports medicine experts and combine mobility, strength and injury rehab into a personalized program designed to keep you running and healthy.

Let’s face it.
Running injuries are no fun.
Being told not to run is even worse.

Now there is a better option…

The same injury prevention secrets we use to treat Olympic and elite athletes work for any runner–from raw beginner to dedicated marathoner.

The latest running injury tips from our blog

Ten things that non-runners say that drive runners crazy

We all have those non-running friends, family members or co-workers that seem to have the knack of saying the most annoying statements to us about running. How many of these have you heard? 10. "Doesn't running ruin your knees?" Nope. If fact my knees have never felt...

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Run if you want to keep muscle as you age

Want to stay strong as you get older? Let's face it, the toughest competitor to run against is Father Time. And as we age, the race against Father Time gets harder and harder. But there's hope and a real benefit to getting out of bed and lacing up those running shoes...

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Is running contagious?

Can you catch the running bug? There may be a benefit to being a “social” runner versus a solo runner as far as a recent research article publishing in the journal of Nature. There’s a lot of jokes about runners and other endurance athletes that post their workouts...

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