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Time to Run Pain Free...

The PainFreeRunning Approach

Our step-by-step programs and injury guide are designed by sports medicine experts and combine mobility, strength and injury rehab into a personalized program designed to keep you running and healthy.


Our PFR Mobility programs are designed to help prevent running injuries and improve your running


Our PFR Strength programs will help improve your recovery and running speed

Injury Clinic

The PFR Injury Clinic will help get you back to running with our step-by-step running rehab programs

It's time, change your RUNNING

Let’s face it. Running injuries are no fun and being told not to run while sidelined by a running injury is even worse.

The same running injury prevention secrets our sports medicine experts have used on Olympic and elite athletes will work for any runner – from the first-time runner to seasoned marathoner.

PainFreeRunning Strength

Strength training is the most overlooked part of an effective running program

PainFreeRunning Mobility

Mobility is a key component to avoiding running injuries

knee pain from running

PainFreeRunning Injury Clinic

Get help with those nagging running injuries...

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Our Sports Medicine Experts have been Featured in

What they are saying about us...

I have battled with this injury on and off for years.  Your (program) was super helpful and I have been doing the exercises and stretches everyday and have gotten a foam roller.  My knee and hip are feeling better everyday.  Thank you!


I have a trigger point grid foam roller and worth the money. IT band stretches suggested have been an immense help and cured the resultant knee pain of right IT bands 


Just in case anyone REALLY reads these, I have improved a great deal thank you.



Thank you for explaining each step of these stretches. They really help a lot.


Thank you very much for putting your information regarding Iliotibial Band rehabilitation on the internet.  


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Unleash yourself, relax yourself

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Find your PainFreeRunning Solution

We have programs for a wide range of runners and running injuries.

Quick Start PDFs

Our "Quick Start" PainFreeRunning PDFs are easy to download and get you started right now...

Step-by-step videos

Our sports medicine experts take you step-by-step thru each stretching and strengthening program.

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